About Nomad PG

Nomad Paragliding is an APPI registered school (association of paragliding pilots and instructors) with thousands of flights, hundreds of students and 100% happy landings.

"We fly, we guide, we teach, wherever we are". We move quite a lot so if you're a pilot or want to become one follow us to find interesting places to visit, amazing conditions to fly, fun evenings to meet other pilots and to share experiences. If you are a paragliding company looking for experienced professionals contact us for tandems, guiding and instruction.

Our standards are SAFETY + QUALITY = FUN

PILOT profiles:

"I come from a flying family (hang gliding and paragliding since the 70's) and I've been paragliding since 1998. I managed a paragliding school in my country, the Catalan Pyrennes (spain), Parapent Espais (www.parapent.cat), the 1st speedriding school in the Iberian Peninsule (www.speedride.cat) and finally left my roots to travel and to know this awesome world where we live through Nomad Paragliding."

Spain: Instructor - Tandem pilot
Germany: Tandem pilot
France: Educateur Sportif, Libre Etablissement : Vol libre (Parapente)
International: APPI Pro Tandem and Instructor.

"I started paragliding in California and Oregon in 2004 and since then I flew in some 15 countries around the world and get into Parahawking team. Paragliding and travelling comes together in my lifestyle and becoming professional it's been the way to share it with the rest of the people who dreams on flying."